ADAS & HAD Field Validation Engineer

Industry: Automotive
Type: Full Time
Location: Beijing

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Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Based on the technical requirements and documentations, complete or support whole process of hardware and sensor installation

Coordinate data preparation and post-processing process between OEM engineers and IT team

  • Check the data upload status with MSP (Map Service Provider)
  • Report the data upload status on demand
  • Check the data post-processing status with IT
  • Report the post-processing status on demand
  • Track and report the problems and resolving status in the data preparation process

Analyze and evaluate ADAS and L3 AD function events in internal software (internal field validation software).

  • Fill out the situation of the events (e.g. day/night, light, lane situation, etc…)
  • Evaluate the events base on the camera and signal data.
  • Evaluate the function events from the both driver and system perspective
  • Driver perspective: whether the triggered function is benefit and comfort for the driver him/herself.
  • System perspective: whether the triggered function is as expected and as designed.
  • Investigate critical events on the system level and identify the possible cause of the problems.
  • Check the signals and visualized perception objects.
  • Analyze the events based on the use case and designed system behavior. 
  • Find the possible cause of the problem.
  • Summarize results and generate report of each function.
  • Fill out the assessment results (situation and evaluation) in the System.
  • Basic statistic on collected data and events, e.g. mileage, data size, event number.
  • Create statistical charts for event assessment results, e.g. proportion of correctness, confidence interval of the event occurrence frequency.
  • Generate report slide per function based on the given template and tools


  • Experience in ADAS and L3 AD system development and testing.
  • Familiar with use cases and technical theory of ADAS and L3 AD functions.
  • Familiar with vehicle dynamic terms (e.g. momentum, torque, steering angle, yaw rate, etc.).
  • Good knowledge in statistic and data analysis.
  • Good skills in data analysis required software and Microsoft Office.
  • Familiar with of Radar and Lidar technology.
  • Familiar with Python script for data management and analysis.
  • English required in this document descript working scope.

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