AI Architect for MLOps

Industry: Automotive IT
Type: Full Time
Location: Shanghai

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Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design, building and deliver the algorithm runtime to support algorithm landing in production environment.
  • Define AI governance needed modules and related processes and integrate such modules(pipeline) into MLOPS toolchains and platform+ Specialist on AI, ML,Pattern reorganization and CV related area.
  • Have good knowledge on how to build and delivery algorithm system to support kinds of data analysis tasks
  • Be familiar with python and python related system architecture, and can setup the platform to support kinds of data analysis tasks
  • Deep knowledge on computer vision related model validation, governance and adversary attack: ensure that a model is not only validated for Accuracy, but also for other metrics like Fairness and Interpretability
  • Prepare the plan and oversee the implementation of quality assurance processes in relation to model testing by different stakeholders; Model performance testing, model acceptance testing by product managers/consultants/customers, other forms of testing as applicable (such as metamorphic testing, dual coding testing, blackbox, white-box testing etc)
  • Prepare the plan and oversee the implementation of continuous delivery/deployment strategies (A/B testing, canary testing etc) of machine learning models
  • Ability to solve problems to support business development using on board technology, such as model tailor, model compression, knowledge distillation
  • Work collaboratively and in a cross-functional environment to deliver world-class applications
  • Define & design the  technical architecture for the MLOPs products together with the product manager/owner
  • Define and propagate the DevOps best practices to MLOps improve quality reliability and work efficiency
  • Responsible for MLOps pipelines design, implementation and operation.  
  • Responsible for MLOps IAC pipeline design, implementation and operation.  
  • Standardize the IDE usages of multiple development languages shell/python/go
  • Standardize the Unit Test process;+ Standardize the Static Code Scan process;
  • To be responsible for the maintenance the relevant MLOps tools integration and required function customization
  • Implement, maintain and scale the ever-growing MLOps CI/CD/CT delivery pipeline


  • Bachelor’s degree or above in computer related major
  • Master on shell, python, go, groovy+ Work experience with computer vision, natural language processing, recommendation system etc.+ Programming skills: Python, Java, C++
  • Stay up-to-date with current developments in the field of AI – Safe AI, Ethical AI, Fair AI etc.
  • DevOps concepts for ML pipeline automation(MLOps)
  • Master on Jenkins/Azure DevOps/Kubeflow pipeline development
  • Master on Docker and Kubernetes Architecture Principle and surrounding ecology 
  • Good at one of Kubeflow,Apache Airflow,beam,Azure aml pipeline
  • Familiar with typical computer vision task and network: VGG, ResNet, Deeplab, Mobilenet, MaskRCNN, ViT,SSD,Yolo and etc.
  • Familiar with ML framework Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, Scikit-Learn
  • Familiar with dependency packages management tools
  • Familiar with popular UT tools/framework such as Junit, Pyunit, PHPunit etc.
  • Familiar with DevOps Integration Platform Jenkins,MSBuilder,Fabric8, Travis CI etc.
  • Knowledge software optimization, embedded programming is a plus
  • Experience of accepted of CCF-A or CCF-B papers is preferred
  • Fluent in English and Chinese

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